This powerful cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution is designed specifically for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and is built on the collaborative knowledge of our professionals that possess a unique understanding of the intricacies of successful destination sales, marketing and management and have years of experience in serving the DMO industry.

our modules include

destination 3000

our Integrations include

Informz for D3000 eMarketing System Integration

Reap the benefits of fully-integrated eMarketing, including the ability to upload contact queries from D3000 to Informz for email marketing campaigns, surveys, event registration, and more. Manage new subscribers from your website subscription form in D3000, as well as subscriber changes. Eliminate the hassle of managing disparate contact databases by integrating your CRM and eMarketing contacts into one singular solution. Opt-outs, bad email addresses and unsubscribes also write back from Informz to the contact records in D3000.

MS Outlook 2010 Integration

This integration provides customers the ability to select any mail items in Outlook 2010 and seamlessly import them into an imported email area of D3000. These emails also will then show at the contact record level of D3000, as well as the client record level of D3000, and can be sorted, opened and read. Attachments also are imported into D3000 along with the email and can be opened and viewed. A second level to the integration allows D3000 users to import contacts from Outlook 2010 into D3000 to turn them into D3000 contacts, or update existing contacts in D3000. MINT Historical Database Integration

Our integration with’s MINT historical database allows customers to download convention sales account information and leads seamlessly from MINT into D3000, along with their meeting profiles and complete meeting histories. A second level to the integration allows DMOs to submit their future definite bookings and post-convention data from D3000 into MINT.


Our integration with Meetingbroker provides DMOs with the advantage of delivering sales leads to their Meetingbroker-enabled hotels electronically, and these hotels may then respond to these leads directly via Meetingbroker, with their response going into the corresponding lead record in D3000.

Google Maps Integration

Throughout the system, client records have “map it” buttons which allows users to map the location of clients and prospects with Google Maps and get directions without leaving D3000 to do so. An additional component of our integration with Google Maps allows physical address records throughout the system to auto-populate with their corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates; which is especially ideal for industry partner website listing integration.

Cendyn eProposal Integration

Within lead records in D3000, DMOs can click a button to auto-populate their eProposal virtual planner bid book with meeting information, hotel bids and more, to be delivered to the meeting planner.

DMAI’s Event Impact Calculator Integration

With a click of a button, DMOs can calculate the economic impact of an event as determined by DMAI’s industry-standard Event Impact Calculator. Values are sent from D3000 to the EIC, and the EIC returns the economic impact value directly into the booking record in D3000.